Dropbox ahoy!

Good news today—I received an email notification from Dropbox that my app has been approved for production status. This means that Picklet Builder users can now access their Dropbox accounts.

Great timing too, since I’m going to give a presentation of the builder and workflow this Wednesday. I’ll also be able to invite some early testers to start digging around and making content.

I was concerned that ‘production status’ wasn’t going to arrive before then, so I implemented a simple ‘copy existing picklet’ functionality, which allows authors to play around with the interface without having dropbox access. But now there are two options for this week’s session.

So I spent the afternoon tidying up the dropbox api code I’d already written and improving the, like, words and stuff, on the site. Settled into a ‘four steps to do this’ kind of approach, especially for the dropbox setup instructions. I quite enjoyed writing documentation for a change—it takes at least as much attention as coding. It’s just not as obvious that it will compile and run successfully. Will find out next week.

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