PickletReader moves

I created an XCode project today. It’s called PickletReader. It’s got an icon and everything.

It was so easy to drag some views around in Interface Builder that I ended up spending most of the day working on store stuff, having got to a point in the iPhone client of wanting to pull data from the Picklet Store to populate a list.

The icon was needed by the iTunesConnect site, to create a project there in order to set up some testing In App Purchase items. So the game is well and truly afoot. I’ve even picked a launch date, but it would be hubris to publicly announce it yet.

The project is in a shiny new git repository, which feels reassuring. There’s nothing like committing the latest working version and pushing to the master. Feels soothing. Almost cathartic, particularly if I’ve been struggling with something, or broke something significant and got it back together.

I’m trying to refactor quite regularly in this project, just to stay on top of things and keep it moving. I’ve been thinking about the role of intuition in designing software. May work it into a coherent post when I’ve run out of things to code.

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