Reverse Pilcrow

While playing with icon design last week I came up with the idea of horizontally flipping that character that’s used to indicate end-of-paragraph in word processing software. Turning it into a ‘P’. And it’s got elements of ‘I’ and ‘T’ as well, and carries associations with print and page layout, and writing.

The OSX ‘Character Viewer’ told me it is called a Pilcrow. I like that name. The Wikipedia ‘pilcrow’ entry provides some historical information.

I created an iPhone app icon and a favicon for the picklet-builder site.


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2 Responses to Reverse Pilcrow

  1. Chris says:

    It’s called a ‘reversed’ pilcrow. Unicode = U+204B ⁋​ reversed pilcrow sign. It’s been in use for a long time.

    Just a friendly FYI.


    • Stewart says:

      Thanks, Chris. Do you know what it’s used for? The wikipedia entry for pilcrow mentions the unicode character, but nothing about it’s meaning. Just curious. Maybe it means ‘picklet’ now?

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