weekly wrap 2010-10-08

Spent the week refactoring the builder.

  • mon: moving layer properties into the editor workspace
  • tue: restored picklet title/about editing, picklet save
  • wed: added layer ‘new’ functionality, fixed setPageOrder
  • thu: picklet package creation off appengine
  • fri: ePub format for package and serving package blob

This week at number three on google:picklet

So. The workflow so far; Photoshop, PickletExport script, Dropbox, Picklet Builder, create draft, test, submit draft, review, create package. There’s a manual step to create the iTunesConnect product info. The missing parts are; in-picklet navigation (forwards, backwards and index page) and the Picklets iOS app with StoreKit integration.

I spent some time on Thursday and Friday reading about the ePub e-book formats, and have massaged my picklet package archive to basically conform to it. Currently it won’t render anything meaningful, but the meta-data (title, author, publisher, licence) should be available to anything that expects an ePub archive.

This week is about making the builder more polished and documented so authors can quickly get up to speed making things. I was going to work on the Picklets app, but I’ll push that down the priorities list in favour of getting some content underway.

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