weekly wrap 2010-10-22

Playing with photoshop brushes

Well. Following the Around the Bay last weekend I ended up having a quiet week. Eventually got around to some productive time Thursday and Friday, spent in XCode and reading Beginning iPhone 3 Development. Nothing to show for it.

I wandered into a bookshop on Monday and picked up Douglas Rushkoff’s Get Back in the Box and Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. The Rushkoff is striking frequent chords with me. Not about getting a company back to its core expertise, but the whole new media landscape stuff. How making and sharing content is the conversation that we have online.

I feel the emphasis of my time on the Picklet Platform shifting again. It’s much more about enabling people to make and share content than it is about selling that content to passive readers. My audience is the people who will make picklets. I need to support that activity, and provide tools that support not only the making of content, but the development of a community of content authors.

Also this evening reading up some words of advice from Paul Graham regarding things to pay attention to as a startup founder. Which is kind of how I’m thinking of this project at the moment.

No point developing a store front iPhone app with no content to sell, right? Work on supporting authors to make great content. Worry about finding customers after that.

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