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Platform fragmentation

A few years ago I developed a mobile phone game called Field of Play. Written for Java ME (mobile edition) it was distributed from a web site and may not have been downloaded a single time. I don’t know. The … Continue reading

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Social media strategy

I’ve been reflecting on social media as it relates to content discovery on the Picklets platform. The Picklets app / Store performs content distribution, with discovery ideally happening through existing social networks. The goal is to initiate and encourage an … Continue reading

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weekly wrap 2010-11-19

It’s been about a month since I started serious work on the Picklets app. From my notes a month ago at Kent St; 2010-10-21 [kentst] 14:25- xcode. – display a list of picklet products from – get a plist … Continue reading

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Format wars

From the Comics Journal archives, Dirk Deppey on Format Wars and distribution strategies for independent digital media. Something I’ve been thinking about this week. Be suspicious of standards that promise copy protection capabilities. No such standard has ever withstood a … Continue reading

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Wallpaper image and grid view prototype

Arranged with Flickr user killbox to use his beautiful watch mechanism photo as a background in the picklet library grid view, as mocked up and prototyped here. Very happy with the feel of this. Initially there is space for 12 … Continue reading

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