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I’ve been reflecting on social media as it relates to content discovery on the Picklets platform.

The Picklets app / Store performs content distribution, with discovery ideally happening through existing social networks.

The goal is to initiate and encourage an author/reader conversation wherever the author is already active. Whether the reader ‘likes’ their Facebook page or ‘follows’ them on Twitter, or something else entirely (like whatever iPhone users in China are doing). Enable the author to easily maintain a connection with their paying audience.

I’d like the platform to support the kind of interactions that authors like Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and Stephen Fry execute so well.

The Picklets app will provide a low-friction way of connecting readers with the authors of work they’ve enjoyed and then get out of the way.

I’m thinking about keeping the Store as simple as possible; a list of content ordered by date of publication. Not even ‘featuring’ specific picklets but expecting content discovery to occur through social networks rather than within the app. Sharing links to specific picklets is well supported within the app. And linking to picklets from outside the app is also simple.

Currently reading Clay Shirky‘s ‘Here Comes Everybody‘ which describes a content strategy as ‘publish and filter’ (to distinguish it from traditional publishings ‘filter and publish’ model).

In this framework the readers’ social network is the filter – readers only see the content that comes through their own filter. There’s no central curation process presuming to know what will appeal to the reader. By adding specific authors to their network they are then exposed to work (picklets, comics, recording artists, etc) that the authors are engaged by.

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