Wallpaper image and grid view prototype

mockup: Photoshoppery to guide the implementation

Arranged with Flickr user killbox to use his beautiful watch mechanism photo as a background in the picklet library grid view, as mocked up and prototyped here. Very happy with the feel of this.

Initially there is space for 12 picklets in the grid view. There is a design (in my mind) for a folder mechanism for organizing more picklets than that, but there are exactly zero picklets currently available in the store, so folders are not getting implemented yet.

Rather than displaying a picklet when a cover image is touched, the slider appears. Moving the slider scales the cover up to full screen. Releasing the slider thumb in this position causes the picklet to slide in from the right. This is intended to introduce the concept of the slider action with an explicit label (‘slide to read’). That’s all a new user needs to know to navigate a picklet.

prototype: Screenshot from app running in the iPhone simulator

The mockup visually ‘pops’ the selected cover image by putting a shadow on the not-selected cover images. I’ll do this in the app. I much prefer the black of the prototype, rather than the washed out grey of the mockup.

The download/installation of picklets in the ‘Store’ view is already functional. Need to add ‘delete’ but won’t do any other management functionality just now. It should be a small thing to hook up picklet reading today or tomorrow. Then the main thing missing is StoreKit integration, for handling in-app purchase of picklets via the iTunes store.

Feels like I’m making progress again.

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