weekly wrap 2010-11-19

It’s been about a month since I started serious work on the Picklets app. From my notes a month ago at Kent St;

2010-10-21 [kentst] 14:25-
- display a list of picklet products from store.picklet.net
- get a plist from a url.
man. this objc thing is breaking my balls. how does NSLog
work? where should it appear? why is my app crashing with
no line reference?
i hadn't hooked up the xib file ProductViewController to
the view outlet. whatever that means.

This afternoon I hooked up a UIWebView and pointed it at a picklet index.html file for the first time. Strange that I’ve worked on the project for so long without confirming that it would actually work like this. But it does.

There’s no screenshot because it looks no different from other picklets. But it feels like a significant milestone because it’s the endpoint for the content distribution chain. The only thing missing is the iTunes StoreKit integration for handling payments.

So. Maybe only a week away from submitting to App Store?

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