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Picklets in 3D

Here’s a little post-Christmas teaser for a feature that may eventually make it into the picklet builder; stereoscopic 3D picklets! You need red/cyan glasses to see the effect, which is messed up a bit by video compression artifacts, but it’s … Continue reading

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Selling Creativity (in 140 char pieces)

On twitter tonight (@PickletReader) I attempted to articulate the Picklets digital distribution philosophy; Picklets app has two primary purposes 1) show readable content 2) enable reader to compensate author for their work (if something can be said to have two … Continue reading

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weekly wrap 2010-12-03

Have been meaning to upgrade to an iPhone 4 before releasing the Picklets app so I can test on a device with the retina display. It only occurred to me last weekend that I could just buy a current gen … Continue reading

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