First workshop at the Wheeler Centre

I’ve just confirmed the Wheeler Centre as the venue for next week’s picklet workshop for authors. I have a small group of local comics and webcomics creators who are interested in making digital popup books for iPhone and iPad.

I’ll give a brief overview of the platform and then spend as much time as possible using the export script for Photoshop and the Picklet Builder site to create some genuine third-party content.

As preparation I’ve been making some teaching materials.

This diagram represents the parts of the picklet platform that are of relevance to a new picklet author.

It can be read as data flow from left to right; from Photoshop we save .png files into Dropbox. The picklet builder site pulls the png files from Dropbox into the editor and player. When a picklet draft is created, the png files are available and served from the builder site rather than Dropbox.

I will be expanding on this explanation next Wednesday at the invite-only picklet workshop at the Wheeler Centre.

I am very excited.

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