weekly wrap 2011-02-25

Kate C's work-in-progress alphabet flip card picklets for kids

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks on editor bug fixes and usability improvements based on user feedback. This has greatly improved the editor user experience. Here are some of those new features;

  • editor undo
  • layer/panels palettes and thumbnails can be hidden for better access to layers
  • layer start and end positions can be moved independently
  • added a ‘range’ input for scrubbing through start/end states within the editor
  • ‘test’ mode in the editor displays as though in an iPhone
  • useful editing of layer origin
  • key shortcuts for a bunch of functions
  • more convenient handling and feedback on layer visibility

Bug fixing is ongoing, naturally.

The features above have mostly derived from suggestions by picklet authors who’ve attended my workshops in the last couple of weeks. In addition to the workshop I’ve spent time one-on-one with a number of them, discussing their impressions of the editor. This has been hugely valuable to me.

I’m calling this one-on-one time ‘mentoring’ and I think it will be the core mechanism for expanding the pool of authors making stuff for the picklet platform. But I’ll write more on that later.

It’s been really pleasing to see some work made by other people using the tools I’ve been developing. Very satisfying.

I’m looking forward to spending some more time using the editor to create my own picklets. Hasn’t happened yet.

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