weekly wrap 2011-02-11

Following Tuesday’s session at a the AIM studio I’ve been addressing usability issues based on user feedback.

I’ve been able to watch log messages on the Picklet Builder site that reveal some misunderstandings about the picklet creation process. I’ve also been fielding questions from two authors who have been trying to get set up to make their first picklet.

The benefit of this for me is that I’m no longer anticipating and prioritizing hypothetical user issues, but seeing what trouble actual users are having in the early stages of learning to use the picklet builder.

I expect this to pattern to continue. My approach is to make it more obvious what is the right thing to do at each stage, so the interface unpacks itself for the novice author.

I have also been developing documentation in support of next week’s workshop. Provided the network holds up it should be a good picklet making session.

I’ve also been sketching an idea for a picklet draft ranking process, based on Zuckerberg’s Facemash implementation as dramatized in Fincher/Sorkin’s The Social Network. Let the hacking commence.

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