A Picklet’s Progress

The picklet author workshop on Thursday night went well. For the first time the Picklet Builder site was sufficiently well-behaved that a couple of new authors were able to make draft picklets from their own drawings. Very exciting. Thanks to Matt, Andrew, Al and Javier for participating.

I’ve started to plan a four month tour of Europe to recruit authors to the picklet platform and promote the Picklets app to readers.

I’ll fly to London at the start of May and kick off ‘A Picklets Progress’ author recruitment tour. Eventually I’ll go and find somewhere to stay in Berlin for a couple of months while I continue development with a particular focus on language and localisation issues.

Technical issues aside, the success of the platform depends on the quality of content available to readers within the Picklets app. ‘A Picklets Progress’ is intended to recruit authors in most of the countries Apple has identified as ‘high volume’ iPhone markets.

My two target groups for recruiting picklet authors; comics artists and children’s book writer/illustrators.

My planning consists of finding comics festivals/expos around Europe to attend and meet authors and also arranging Picklet Author Workshops to coincide with the festivals through local literature/animation/cultural organisations.

For example, there’s a weekend comics festival in Oslo on the 27th and 28th of May (http://www.oslocomicsexpo.no/2011) and there’s an Oslo-based organisation called the Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books (http://www.barnebokinstituttet.no/english) which sounds like a good place for finding authors of children’s picklets. Please let me know any comic festivals and writer’s organisations to get in touch with.

In pursuit of this recruitment goal, with the skilled assistance of Javier there is a Spanish language version of the ‘Understanding Picklets’ comic ready to go. You can see a PDF of the dummy (no drawings) below.

If you speak a language other than English and would like to contribute a translation of the comic text, please get in touch directly or add your contact details to this discussion over on Facebook.

In other news a couple more pages have been claimed in the Understanding Picklets Comic Jam. If you are interested in contributing your art for the above comic please add your name to the Google doc.

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