Comic Jam!

This week’s been a bit different.

I decided last weekend that it was time to have some kind of printed non-technical documentation that introduced the concepts of the Picklet Platform. Something that I can hand out to answer the question ‘What’s a picklet?’

I settled on the idea of producing a mini-comic in the didactic style of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics books. So I wrote a script on Sunday based on the powerpoint presentation I’ve been giving as an introduction at the author workshops. I called it ‘Understanding Picklets’.

I spent Monday revising the script then working out the workflow to the printed product. I don’t have InDesign so went looking for alternative layout software. An open-source project called Scribus looked promising. Then I penciled some layouts of balloons and stuff.

Tuesday I worked out a process (based on hints from McCloud’s ‘Making Comics’) from Illustrator to Photoshop to Scribus to PDF to be printed then photocopied. Frustrated by my slow progress I decided to work through the night with the intention of having something to hand out at Wednesday’s 2pm workshop.

I didn’t even start drawing.

But by 6am I did have frames and text and balloons in place. I also laid some ground-work for handling translations of the mini-comic. It shouldn’t be too painful, and might be a handy gimmick for my European jaunt from May.

So here’s my problem. I need to get back to development asap. I need documentation too. As much as I’d like to be able to, I can’t justify the time it would take me to draw all of this 16 page mini-comic myself. I’m hoping I can gather some of the talented people who’ve attended author workshops in the last month to help me out with this project.

Check out how far I’ve got with the comic below. If you’re interested in helping me finish it there’s a google doc called ‘Understanding Picklets – Comic Jam‘ that explains how you can.

Maybe you know a comic artist who could help me out too. Please send them a link to this post or to the Comic Jam document. That would be super thanks.

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