It’s probably premature, given the Picklets app for iPhone isn’t yet available, but I’d like Google to start treating the word ‘picklets’ as a valid search term (instead of assuming it’s a mis-spelling of ‘pikelets’).

From what I’ve read the suggested spelling corrections currently going on for the term ‘picklets’ can’t be manually corrected by anyone at google. I assume then there is some process that notices when the offered correction isn’t what the searcher wanted. I’d like to crowd-source a correction to their correction.

Here’s what a search for ‘picklets’ looks like for me this morning.

Here’s how you can help;

The link below takes you to search results for the term ‘picklets’. If you click it now you will be shown a list of results under the heading “Showing results for pikelets. Search instead for picklets“. By clicking the word ‘picklets’ you will be helping to increase Google’s vocabulary. I think.


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