weekly wrap 2011-04-03

Picklet Author Workshops

Another workshop was held at RMIT on Wednesday afternoon at the AIM studio for the Graduate Diploma students. It resulted in around 20 new Picklet Builder accounts and by the end of the two hours a couple of new picklet drafts.

Thanks to Jeremy at AIM for wrangling the Dropbox setup from inside RMIT.

The picklet format has been offered to these students as one of the ways of submitting work for their interactive media design brief. Maybe this will be sufficient incentive for the production of a few finished picklet titles.

Understanding Picklets

Some new pages have come in from the comic jam. Thanks to Paolo, Sue, Ben and Hung for applying their talent in the service of understanding picklets. I can’t wait to put it all together.

Here are the links to each artist’s other work.

You’ll have to wait for the comic to be assembled to see their full pages.

A Picklet’s Progress

My European tour titled ‘A Picklet’s Progress’ is shaping up nicely.

I’ll be in the UK from the 4th of May for two weeks. Then the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Germany over the following two months.

I’ve confirmed a visit to Bristol for the Small Press Expo. Also hoping to visit the UWE School of Animation while I’m there.

Picklet Builder

In the comic and the workshops I’ve been describing an Author Biography panel and its significance to the picklet platform. I designed it a couple of months ago and this week finally got around to implementing it. You can see how it looks here.

The author-editable information (picklet title and description, author name and bio and author portrait) are inline-editable. The author portrait uploaded via Dropbox in the same way as picklet layer images.

The author bio page also contains the ‘buy it now’ link which is a neat segue for me back into iOS app development. So I’ll be diving into that this week.

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