weekly wrap 2011-04-08

Picklets app


Finally got back into XCode this week. Have started implementing in-app purchase triggered by a button on the author bio panel. Lots of walks around Fitzroy and the city during the week clarifying the details in my mind.

Spent quite some time on the Picklets app icon. Motivated by needing to represent it in the Understanding Picklets comic. I’m sure I’ll iterate again. Maybe even get a real designer to work it over. Here it is at the moment;

Understanding Picklets

Created a draft of the comic with the artwork to hand. A couple of pages missing, but you can see here what it looks like.

I’ve printed and stapled 40 (thanks to the guys at Sticky Institute) copies in preparation for attending Supanova Melbourne this weekend. A practice run attending a comics expo and meeting authors. Working on my pitch.

A Picklet’s Progress

I had a positive correspondence this week with a staff member from the School of Animation at the University of Western England in Bristol. I’m going to be at the Bristol Small Press Expo to meet comic authors on the weekend 14/15th of May.

Looking foward to Bristol!


I was really excited to see a draft of a picklet about the wild west (in verse!) being created by Ben Hutchings (@benhutchings) and friends. I’d love to post a link here but will hold off until the creators make it public. Ben does great work and publishes webcomics and sells PDFs over at his own site hutcho.net

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  1. adrian says:

    Gotta say, after seeing the latest picklet in progress i can’t wait for the App to go live.

    ‘Picklets – The Future of Story-Telling”.


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