iPad Picklets progress

Author bio panel in two sizes

I wanted to share an image of what I’m working on. It shows a picklet called ‘What Goes Around’ that isn’t a real picklet, just two panels of rotating text that I’m using for development. The picture shows the same picklet content, served from the same URL — one in a browser at 320×480 and one on an iPad in the Picklets app at 640×960.

The big green button at the top of the screen is what I think of as the ‘call to action’ button. When viewed on the web, the call to action is ‘Get the Picklets app’ and when the picklet is previewed within the Picklets app the call to action is ‘Install’. This is the trigger for in-app purchase. This is how the author and the developer get paid. It is important.

The third scenario is when the reader has installed the picklet. Then the call to action is ‘Share’ and I’m still working out the details of that, but it will involve the twitter and the facebook and possibly some secret Bonjour service discovery.

It’s a beautiful day in Holland.

You’re welcome.

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