Berlin and Green Edition

Idling in the afternoon print queue on Graefestra├če

Waiting near my house for the guys at the print shop to staple and trim 60 copies of Understanding Picklets, (in German, with a rather handsome green cover), I tried my best to justify being in Berlin while Melbourne shivers.

Job done, I think.

So now I’m ready to meet Berlin-based illustrators and pitch the picklet platform to them in their native language. (Thanks to Mark Tuente for providing the German translation of my mini-comic.)

Next week I’m going along to the monthly Stammtisch of Illustratoren Berlin with a few copies of the comic and we’ll see where it goes from there.

First German edition of Understanding Picklets

Ben Hutchings (@benhutchings) has delivered a final version of the picklet he has created with Jase Harper (@guhcomics) and Arran McKenna (@azzamckazza) so the only missing piece is a fully functional iPad/iPhone native app. And the only thing standing in my way are long summer evenings in the beer gardens of Berlin.

Wish me luck!

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