Getting started with Picklet Builder

To create a picklet you’ll need;

  • recent Safari or Chrome web browser
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or later)
  • Dropbox client software and account – the free account is sufficient
  • Picklet Builder account (send me your Google account name and I’ll create an account for you:

Have you received your Picklet Builder invitation email? And clicked on the link to create your account? Excellent. There are a few things still to set up;

1. Connect to your Dropbox account

Login to Picklet Builder and authorise your Builder account to access your Dropbox account.

Picklet Builder uses OAuth to get permission to retrieve metadata about the files in your Dropbox account. You can withdraw permission at any time from your account page.

2. Setup the PickletExport script

Download PickletExport.jsx, save it somewhere you can find it later and set it up to run as an Action bound to a function key.

3. Create a picklet

Create a picklet template using the PickletExport action in Photoshop. Create some layers and run the script again to export image files to your Dropbox/Public folder.

Check that the files have sync’d to dropbox then in Picklet Builder create a new picklet.

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