Hamburg workshops

The 'Picklet Review' slide in Hamburg

I was in Hamburg for a few days this week as a guest of Joachim Knappe who acted as my host, tour guide and event organiser for two picklet workshops at Atalier Amaldi on Monday evening. Thanks, Joachim and everyone!

I presented the Picklet Platform slides, handed around an iPad with the beta version of the Picklets app, showed ‘The 3 Baddest Bandits’ picklet, then demonstrated the Picklet Builder workflow and helped a few people set up their laptops. Total time for each session was about two hours.

So now there are 30 more German illustrators who know what picklets are. At least some of them are quite excited about self-publishing digital picture books.

If you know a group of illustrators who would be interested in a live demonstration of the picklet project please get in touch. I’ve had such a good time in Germany I am planning to go on the road with picklets again early next year.

Understanding Picklets Hamburg edition

I also had printed a new set of Understanding Picklets (pale green cover, Hamburg edition) in English and German. Joachim has kept some to distribute at the next Hamburg Illustratoren Stammtisch so look for him there, or you can read it online.

Now it’s holidays for me until I’m back in Melbourne in a week or so, in time for spring!

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