Hell no!

Over the past 18 months I’ve occasionally googled the words ‘picklet’ and ‘picklets’ just to monitor my search engine findability. From the start ‘picklet’ has been consistently pointing to one of my project-related domains (picklet.net or picklets.net) but searching for the plural, ‘picklets’ returned recipes for ‘pikelets’ and offered a link to ‘Search instead for picklets’.

Until today.

Did you mean 'pikelets'? on Google

Did you mean 'pikelets'?

Just googled ‘picklets’ and got the result I wanted. Don’t know what the key factor was in convincing the search engine that it’s a legitimate search term, but there it is.

Your mileage may vary. I’m searching while logged in to my Gmail account, which might indicate that my previous search behaviour is being used to shape my search results.

But it tastes like win.

(‘picklet’ is a registered trademark of RobotInaBox Pty Ltd. For reals.)


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