Reinventing Publishing

I’ve been creating a digital-only publishing platform for independent writer/illustrators.

‘Picklets’ is a platform for the creation and distribution of picture books to readers on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The principles that guide the development of the picklets platform are;

Make it simple

A writer/illustrator doesn’t have to learn new skills and doesn’t need to commit a lot of time to create a picklet.

A picklet author doesn’t need to collaborate with anyone else, but has complete control over the finished work.

Make it free to use

An author doesn’t have to commit financially up-front.

The picklet creation software is available for no cost and everything required to produce finished picklets is included.

Make it pay

A business model that sounds like a plausible source of ongoing revenue for an independent author.

The author is paid royalties on sales.

Make it available

I’m aiming to launch the Picklets app before the end of March 2012.

I know. I’ve said that before. This time it’s for reals. March. Lock it in.

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