Global Picklets

Picklets 1.1 is now live in the App Store in Canada, US, UK, EU countries and Switzerland in addition to Australia and New Zealand.

The Picklets app is a free download.

The 3 Baddest Bandits of the Wild Wild West by Ben Hutchings and Mummy in the house! by Peter Nishitani are available for in-app purchase at $0.99 (Canada, US, Australia), £0.69 in the UK, €0.79 in Europe or CHF1.00 in Switzerland.

You can read a fully interactive sample of these picklets in the app before you download or pay for anything. How good is that?

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  1. Anja Vogel says:

    Hey, congratulations! I am an illustrator and animator and find the app quite interesting. I am interested of making an own picklet and have also forwarded the App to collegues who had been looking for a possibility to publish interactive comics for IPhone/Pad.

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