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Search instead for picklets

It’s probably premature, given the Picklets app for iPhone isn’t yet available, but I’d like Google to start treating the word ‘picklets’ as a valid search term (instead of assuming it’s a mis-spelling of ‘pikelets’). From what I’ve read the … Continue reading

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Comic Jam!

This week’s been a bit different. I decided last weekend that it was time to have some kind of printed non-technical documentation that introduced the concepts of the Picklet Platform. Something that I can hand out to answer the question … Continue reading

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weekly wrap 2011-02-11

Following Tuesday’s session at a the AIM studio I’ve been addressing usability issues based on user feedback. I’ve been able to watch log messages on the Picklet Builder site that reveal some misunderstandings about the picklet creation process. I’ve also … Continue reading

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weekly wrap 2011-02-04

Ending the week on a buzz as I polish up the implementation of the Picklet Builder site in preparation for an authoring workshop in the next couple of weeks. This is a little design fiction that kept me sitting up … Continue reading

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Selling Creativity (in 140 char pieces)

On twitter tonight (@PickletReader) I attempted to articulate the Picklets digital distribution philosophy; Picklets app has two primary purposes 1) show readable content 2) enable reader to compensate author for their work (if something can be said to have two … Continue reading

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