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Picklet promo video

Today I’ve been trying out style and tech for individual picklet promotional videos. This is something that I’d like to do for each picklet published in the Picklets app. The concept is to provide a 30 second grab of content/author … Continue reading

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Did you mean ‘pikelets’?

Hell no! Over the past 18 months I’ve occasionally googled the words ‘picklet’ and ‘picklets’ just to monitor my search engine findability. From the start ‘picklet’ has been consistently pointing to one of my project-related domains ( or but … Continue reading

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Picklets is now for iPad

Offered here without much comment is a short video showing what Picklets for iPad is looking like at the moment. It shows a list of mock content from the Picklet Store (on my laptop). It displays the selected picklet content … Continue reading

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iPad Picklets progress

I wanted to share an image of what I’m working on. It shows a picklet called ‘What Goes Around’ that isn’t a real picklet, just two panels of rotating text that I’m using for development. The picture shows the same … Continue reading

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Search instead for picklets

It’s probably premature, given the Picklets app for iPhone isn’t yet available, but I’d like Google to start treating the word ‘picklets’ as a valid search term (instead of assuming it’s a mis-spelling of ‘pikelets’). From what I’ve read the … Continue reading

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