I’ve been creating a digital-only publishing platform for independent writer/illustrators.

‘Picklets’ is a platform for the creation and distribution of picture books to readers on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The principles that guide the development of the picklets platform are;

Make it simple

A writer/illustrator doesn’t have to learn new skills and doesn’t need to commit a lot of time to create a picklet.

A picklet author doesn’t need to collaborate with anyone else, but has complete control over the finished work.

Make it free to use

An author doesn’t have to commit financially up-front.

The picklet creation software is available for no cost and everything required to produce finished picklets is included.

Make it pay

A business model that sounds like a plausible source of ongoing revenue for an independent author.

The author is paid royalties on sales.

Make it available

I’m aiming to launch the Picklets app before the end of March 2012.

I know. I’ve said that before. This time it’s for reals. March. Lock it in.


Hell no!

Over the past 18 months I’ve occasionally googled the words ‘picklet’ and ‘picklets’ just to monitor my search engine findability. From the start ‘picklet’ has been consistently pointing to one of my project-related domains (picklet.net or picklets.net) but searching for the plural, ‘picklets’ returned recipes for ‘pikelets’ and offered a link to ‘Search instead for picklets’.

Until today.

Did you mean 'pikelets'? on Google

Did you mean 'pikelets'?

Just googled ‘picklets’ and got the result I wanted. Don’t know what the key factor was in convincing the search engine that it’s a legitimate search term, but there it is.

Your mileage may vary. I’m searching while logged in to my Gmail account, which might indicate that my previous search behaviour is being used to shape my search results.

But it tastes like win.

(‘picklet’ is a registered trademark of RobotInaBox Pty Ltd. For reals.)


The objective of this workshop is to get picklet authors ready to design and make interactive picture books for iPad.

It works best if you can bring the computer that you will work with.

If you don’t have a laptop it is still worth coming along to see the workflow demonstration and hear Ben talk about his experience designing picklets.

Please RSVP to stewarthaines@gmail.com so I can send you information on preparing for the workshop.


The Wheeler Centre ‘Understanding Picklets’ sessions went very smoothly this week. I met some local illustrators who’d heard about the project via the Illustrators Australia mailing list.

On Monday I met Jody and Sonia from the head office of Illustrators Australia, who have quickly added picklets to the programme for their upcoming one-day seminar titled ‘New Avenues for Illustrators’ to be held in Melbourne on Saturday 15th of October.

The day includes a presentation by Jeremy Wortsman from the Jacky Winter Group and a panel discussion with local illustrators including Andrea Innocent and Shane McGowan.

I’ll be giving my ‘Understanding Picklets’ presentation in the afternoon following the panel discussion.

Full details of the seminar can be found on the Illustrators Australia blog.


For professional illustrators interested in self-publishing interactive picture books for iPad.

The Picklet Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating and selling interactive books for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

This session is pitched at writer/illustrators who want to self-publish digitally but don’t want to make their own app.

Two free presentations (same content Monday and Tuesday, limited seating) demonstrating the Picklet Platform; from creating picklets to content discovery in the Picklets app.

Monday Evening

  • Wheeler Centre Boardroom
  • 5:30-7:00pm October 3, 2011

Tuesday Evening

  • Wheeler Centre Boardroom
  • 5:30-7:00pm October 4, 2011

The boardroom at the Wheeler Centre seats 12 comfortably. You’ll find the Wheeler Centre at 176 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne. (It’s in the State Library building, but the entrance is round the side.)

This is a free information session, after which you’ll be eligible to attend a follow-up workshop ‘Making Picklets’ where you’ll learn the basics of the picklet creation workflow.


Please RSVP to stewarthaines@gmail.com specifying which session you’d like to attend.