Picklet Export

Script for exporting multiple images from a Photoshop document ready to become a picklet;

The source is also available in the picklet-export repository on github.

Documenting r12 of PickletExport.jsx

Generate new template

This action will create a new Photoshop document with the dimensions of the iPhone4 screen (640px x 960px). You can specify how many panels you want to set up initially.

Export Selected Layer

This action will export only the currently selected layer (selected in the Layers palette) to the destination specified. Optionally saves the full-sized layer image.

Export to destination:

Where to save the files to. Typical setup is to set this to your Dropbox/Public/picklets folder, so the files can be accessed from your Picklet Builder account.

Export Cover Image

Option to save a set of cover images (cover_thumbnail.png, cover_thumbnail@2x.png, cover.png, cover@2x.png). These images correspond to the ‘cover’ Layer Comp.

Export Panel Thumbnails

Option to save thumbnails (for display purposes in the Picklet Builder app – to help you navigate between the panels of your picklet).

Export Selected Layer Comps Only

Option to export the layers for a single panel, specified by selecting the corresponding Layer Comp (in the Layer Comps palette).

Export full resolution layers

Option to export the full resolution (retina iPhone and iPad) layer images. (While you’re drafting a new picklet these are not required and the export script will finish sooner if you’re not exporting them each time.)

Export picklet template file

Option to create a picklet.json file which stores layer positions that the Picklet Builder app can load using ‘Template positions’ link in panels palette.

Export Orange layers as 8bit PNG files

When you’re optimising picklet file sizes, if you have large images that don’t require full alpha channel you can save the layer image as a PNG with smaller file size. In the ‘Layer properties…’ dialog set the layer Color to ‘Orange’ and make sure this option is selected.

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