A bridge too far


I had a great time in Bristol last week. Handed out the Understanding Picklets comic to (and spoke with) a dozen or so independent/small press comics makers on Sunday afternoon followed by a brisk walk around the city and some good Italian food and Peroni in the evening. Then on Monday morning caught the bus out to the School of Animation at UWE and met John Parry and a group of eager first year animation students who paid attention to a brief demonstration of the picklet concept and tools. Working on my pitch.


So now I’m in Arnhem, in the Netherlands, working on the Picklet Builder site and the PickletExport script, supporting my user (Hi, Ben!) and enjoying the spring sunshine. And playing Quake3Arena with Mark, like we used to do.

I did some touristing here last week (with my hosts E and D), visiting Arnhem’s Openluchtmuseum and Burger’s Zoo which has a couple of fantastic indoor climate-controlled environments. This week I’m finding cafés with wifi and decent coffee in the city.


My revised travel plan is to go straight to Berlin by train in a couple of weeks. This means missing out on visiting Oslo and Copenhagen this month in favour of saving my travel budget for July and August when I’ll have more product to demonstrate. I’ve got my train ticket already and am looking forward to a high-speed, comfortable and productive five-hour travel/work day on the 8th of June.

I have a place to stay in Neukölln in Berlin for most of June. Can’t wait.

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