A Picklet’s Progress: London

Still frame from the short film Gristle

Gristle by Jamie Clennett

So. I’m in London. Staying with Jamie and continuing to do development on the iPhone Picklets app.

Last night Jamie and I went to a pub (the Green Man) in Westminster (in the neighbourhood of Fitzrovia, right?) for the monthly London Animation Club screening and met the organiser Martin Pickles, whose nickname was at one time Picklet. How’s that for synchronous?

We watched some short films from the studio of Halas and Batchelor (who made Animal Farm), presented by Vivien Halas after which Jamie showed his recently-completed short ‘Gristle‘ which was very warmly received.

re: the tour. On the 15th of May I’m going to Bristol for the Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo (to meet comic artists and hand out ‘Understanding Picklets’) and to visit the School of Animation at UWE on the 16th. Then to the Netherlands for a few weeks.

So I’ll be in London until the 14th of May. If you have any London peeps who might want to know about picklets now’s the time to get in touch. I’m here working and meeting interesting people and talking about iPhones and interactive media and digital publishing.

Because that’s my thing now. That’s what I do.

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