Bristol and Red edition

Fresh from the Hackney printer; Dutch, Norwegian and English mini-comics.

I’ve been in London this week, working away at the picklet-builder web site addressing some issues with the javascript picklet player that affected stability of the iPad (especially reading @benhutchings‘ ‘bandits’ picklet). Also printing the first European edition of the ‘Understanding Picklets’ comic.


With Jamie‘s assistance I found a printer to produce the red edition of the Understanding Picklets comic, ready for this weekend’s Comics and Small Press Expo in Bristol. I’ll be there on Sunday handing out the comic to comics artists/authors.

On Monday I’m meeting John Parry at the School of Animation at UWE. I’m hoping to get some time with staff and students there and demo the picklet builder app. Timing’s poor because it’s the end of the academic year, but I only need a few interested folk to grok it and it’ll be worthwhile.


On Monday afternoon I’ll fly to Amsterdam to drop some Dutch red editions off at retailers there, then continue on to Arnhem where I have friends to couch surf with.

The next couple of weeks I’ll be continuing development (the MacBook Air is turning out to be an awesome travel/development machine) and hope to have a Picklets app for iPhone before the end of the month.

I heard from @benhutchings today that his ‘bandits’ picklet is 99.8% complete, which is excellent news.


At the end of May there’s the Oslo Comics Expo. I’ll be in Oslo for the weekend of the 27th/28th and maybe a day or two after. Still looking for an intro to animation or interactive media studios/institutions/colleges in Oslo. If you know of any I’d be happy to hear from you.


From there I’ll be heading for Berlin to find a quiet room in a busy part of town for the summer.

Maybe Kreuzberg. Remains to be seen.

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  1. TimTim says:

    Sounds great! Red violet looks excellent. Go Stewart go!

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